“The highest compliment I can offer to David Sadker is this complaint: his 90 minute C&R sessions were always over too fast. Just as I’d begin to melt and meld with the group; just as I’d be inspired to share new insights; just as I’d allow the masks I’d imposed on others begin to loosen and slip off, the session was over. David is remarkable in that he seems to be an ordinary fellow with a bit more common sense and patience than most, he is in reality a gifted catalyst, a wise alchemist whose smiling face opens closed hearts, unclenches locked minds, lubricates silent mouths. And that’s just for openers.” ~H.G., Ph.D.

“Under the sensitive and insightful leadership of Dr. David Sadker, my Courage and Renewal retreat experience was one of deep personal connection with myself as well as heart-full connection with others in our circle. Some months later, a shorter morning program about our relationship with nature resonated in a similar way and in a well chosen venue– a botanical garden! David Sadker’s choice of discussion topics and poetic entryways into our soulfulness creates a safe and nurturing oasis-like opportunity for participants. A real treat!” ~A.G-M, Ph.D.

“I believe that our hearts know many things that our minds can’t explain. Dr. David Sadker is the ideal expedition leader on that inner quest to our heart’s knowing. Poems, poignant listening and dialogue questions, personal reflection, group communion, and the Circle of Trust principles are some of his instruments that show us the way along the path to our deeper selves. The Courage and Renewal journey is a rich and wonder-full one. I wholly recommend these Circles of Trust to anyone who appreciates active support and insight as they journey to the heart.” ~C. S.

“Having served for many years as a pastor and even longer as an advisor of university students, I have attempted to encourage the most pertinent questions. David has achieved this superbly in the times I have attended his Courage and Renewal sessions. On each occasion I left with a renewed sense of purpose and seemingly a deeper understanding of the question and often of an insight of some answers.” ~ E.R.G.