Our Mission

The more passionate we are about our vision, our purpose, our lives, the more vital it is to take time to renew our own spirits – to reconnect with our deeply held values and beliefs. But life has a way of pulling us from our center. Those of us who are engaged in education, leadership, community service, health care and social change experienced a sense of calling that first brought us to our work, yet we know that staying connected to that call can be challenging. There are always “things to do”, many outside distractions, and seemingly too few opportunities to find calm and quiet within. We may feel overwhelmed, aimless, “burned out,” perhaps even lost. Life’s changes can spotlight our vulnerabilities.

Such feelings may emphasize a gap in our lives, a gap between where we had intended to be, and where we find ourselves, between our hopes and our reality. Many experience such gaps more than once in their lives, but are at a loss as to what to do. The result can be damaging to health, well-being, and the ideals we once held.

Courage & Renewal® programs offer individuals and organizations the time and space to reflect, grow, and to close these gaps.

Courage & Renewal retreats and program provide opportunities, individually and in community, for personal and professional insight and growth. They give individuals time to reflect and re-charge; focus on pressing work and life questions; support others’ personal and professional development; celebrate gifts and acknowledge limitations; practice deep listening; and find the courage to live in congruence with their values, sustain professional integrity, and help their communities do the same.

Courage & Renewal® is not a “How to fix yourself” approach offering a list of techniques and strategies. We focus on renewing an individual’s heart, mind, and spirit by creating a safe space—a circle of trust—in which the noise within us and around us can subside and we can begin to hear our own inner voice. In large group, small group, and solitary settings, we explore the intersection of our personal and professional lives, making use of stories from our own journeys, insights from poets, storytellers, and various wisdom traditions. We recognize that meaningful change occurs when people speak from their center, from the best of who they really are.

Courage & Renewal® programs can be offered in a variety of formats,

from two hours to weekend retreats.

To learn morecontact David Sadker at dsadker@gmail.com or call 520-282-3431.