Gender Bias in School

Gender issues influence and shape learning in both formal and informal ways. Yet many educators, students, and parents are unable to detect, much less correct, the subtle biases that harm both girls and boys. This award-winning inservice training program empowers participants to become more equitable and effective teachers. The training is based on research studies from grade school through graduate school, and reflects more than 20 years of research studies and materials development by two of the nation’s well known teacher educators, the late Myra Sadker and David Sadker. Programs offered include Keynotes as well as one, two and three day training experience.


Is Gender Bias Still an Issue? And why are we asking this question?

Where did the word “sexism” come from? Are girls still “victims” of sexism? Is there a “war” on boys? What does subtle classroom bias look like – and why does it persist? Through role play, videos and participant interaction, this keynote pulls together the last three decades of research to help educators understand the central role gender continues to play in the nation’s schools.

What Can We Learn from Single Sex Schools and Classrooms? Some Practical Lessons for Teachers

Single sex schools and classrooms receive much acclaim for their education of girls and women, yet much of what they do is not particularly related to the fact that they are single sex. Using a Dateline video on single sex classes done with Myra and David Sadker, participants analyze the “best practices” of single sex schools and develop strategies for more effective and equitable coeducation. Participants develop a list of a dozen strategies and techniques that they can implement to reduce or eliminate gender biased classroom behaviors.

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